You Can Unread Me Anytime!

Wow!  I have to give a massive shout out to The Unread Reader and her really perceptive review of my book, Leverage, (see here).  As I delved into the comments to “Unreader’s” very thorough and thoughtful post I was struck by how she was really exposing my novel to an audience that normally wouldn’t give a second glance to this type of story.  For that reason alone, I feel overwhelming waves of gratitude to the coolest unreader in the universe!  And to all the commenters that seemed scared off by the Leverage jacket design of the arm and fist (I’m talking to you, Mimi, who wrote “Just the cover alone made me cringe! EECK”)–it won’t actually punch you so don’t be scared.  However, if you somehow inadvertently trip, fall down and give yourself a black eye because you were momentarily overcome by the power of the jacket design as you pass my book in the teen fiction aisle of the local book store, please send me a photo of the bruise/scar/hemorrhage and I’ll post the winning photo on my blogsite and maybe make a contest out of it.

Missy kicks almost as much ass as “Tina”!




About joshuacohenbooks

Author of the recently published novel LEVERAGE. Trying to get it out there and get feedback and also discuss topics around writing, publishing, sports, education, bullying and whatever else interests him.
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One Response to You Can Unread Me Anytime!

  1. Missie says:

    Holy Crow!

    I kick ass almost like Tina? No way! I’m blushing!

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