Penn State Horror Show

Granted that all the facts are not in yet and we should not judge based solely on media reports but if what’s being reported did, in fact, occur, the Penn State Athletic Department must clean house. If reports are true that former Penn State Assistant Football Coach Sandusky was seen actually raping a 10-year-old boy in the university showers and this was treated as some sort of bureaucratic snafu, then heads need to roll. What’s troubling me the most at this point is watching the students rallying around Coach Joe Paterno without knowing all the facts. Why would they rally until they understand what they are defending? What if it turns out that Coach Paterno knows much more than he’s letting on (admittedly pure conjecture on my part)? Will the students feel proud that they rallied to support a corrupt department and potentially criminally negligent coach? Knowing that most humans are more than capable of living double/secret lives and are capable of horrific actions, wouldn’t it be better for the Penn State students to “keep their powder dry” and wait until Coach Paterno is cleared before showing support. How about they show some support for the victims in this horrible, ongoing event.

As for Coach Sandusky …I can think of a couple worthwhile punishments. Events in my novel, Leverage, come to mind … hmmm….




About joshuacohenbooks

Author of the recently published novel LEVERAGE. Trying to get it out there and get feedback and also discuss topics around writing, publishing, sports, education, bullying and whatever else interests him.
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