Joe’s Gotta Go!!! Joe Gone and Went!!!

[Update:  Joe Gone and Went!!!!  On Sunday, 7/22/12, Penn State University went and removed the bronze statue of Joe Paterno.  Good Riddance!  Original story below:]

Penn State University’s Former Head Football Coach, Jo Paterno, forever tainted his legacy when he chose to let a predatory child rapist go unpunished and unreported even though “Jo Pa” had the means and power to stop the man.  Assistant Football Coach Jerry Sandusky (photo below…eeewww!)  continued to prey upon boys, sexually assaulting, molesting and raping them for over a decade while Joe Paterno helped arrange for his early retirement rather than seek out criminal punishment of the man.

In light of these new revelations about Joe Paterno, provided by the FBI Freeh report on July 7th, 2012, the bronze statue celebrating the “heroic” Joe Paterno is an affront not only to Jerry Sandusky’s victims that were pushed aside in an attempt to cover up their abuse, but an affront to concerned and thoughtful people everywhere.  That the statue remains standing at an institution of higher education—an institution whose main goal should be the well-being, nurturing and enlightenment of future generations—is the epitome of hypocrisy.

The statute still stands and for everyday it remains, Penn State is reminding us where they, too, stand as an institution of higher learning, planting their flag and showing their own priorities in relation to money, power and ignoring injustice.

I call on the President, Board and Trustees of Penn State to tear down that statue.

Joe’s Gotta Go!!!

Joe’s Gotta Go!


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Author of the recently published novel LEVERAGE. Trying to get it out there and get feedback and also discuss topics around writing, publishing, sports, education, bullying and whatever else interests him.
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