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Leverage Paperback Design (Coming September 2012)

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Come on NBC! Give the Dudes a Break!

Congrats to Kohei Uchimura, Danell Leyva and all of the other gymnasts who competed in the men’s all around tonight!! Congrats to John Orozco for your first Olympics!! You’ll be back in 4 years better than ever!!! We in NYC support you!!!! Congrats to NBC in SUCKING big time in your coverage of not only the gymnastics but the games in general!!!! Can you concentrate on anything but the negative??? So the men’s gymnastics team didn’t do so well, so WHAT!!!! Show more than just three events, support their efforts and support the other countries in what is probably one of the most difficult sports in the world!!! And for not showing John Orozco’s 8th place finish in the all around which is an amazing achievement for a 19 year old who came up from juniors two years ago!! Also can you ease up on the stupid humanitarian stories!! I get choked up even when someone from another country gets a medal because it’s the Olympics and everyone has worked so hard to get there regardless of what ailments they, or their family members, have! That time could be spent covering actual events that we don’t always get to see!! Does everything have to be a reality show these days??? Okay I’m stepping off of my soap box.

Okay, allow me to pile onto the “NBC Olympic Coverage Sucks” bandwagon because they really do suck badly.  I was just getting revved up to rant when my friend Kurt Gorrell said it all way better than I could.


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